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Jaybird Freedom F5 wireless headset for cycling

Music makes everything easier. Cycling, too. I love listening to music when I am cycling. Riding hours alone on your bike can be boring. With a playlist that gets you in the right rythmn it’s easy to find and hold your pace. It even supports your training. And I can reach a great, almost meditative steady state which relaxes my mind. But: I only listen to music, when there are no cars around or I listen on a very low volume and only use one ear plugin. I want to hear the sound of cars and trucks.

Directly into your ears!

Now back to the topic – listening to music while riding a bike and what is required? Up to now I was using the standard headphones of my phone. This only has two advantages vis-à-vis wireless headphones: bluetooth does not need to be activated on your phone for the headphones to work and the headphones work without power. And that’s about it with advantages, in all other respects wireless headphones have a clear advantage.

I have got the Jaybird Freedom F5 Wireless headphones* to try out and for testing. This is what the box looks like and what the box comes with:


All I can say … Wow! The sound is really really good, awesome! I have never had such great in-ear headphones. And that was before I even tested the App with which one can change the sound and save as your profile settings. I always like my music really loud (and am probably somewhat hard of hearing) and with other models I often find the sound too quiet and I do not understand well what the other person on the phone is saying. But using Jaybird Freedom that’s not an issue at all. One rather needs to be careful that the volume does not damage the ears.

Sound quality

Also super! My conversation partners all confirmed that they can hear and understand me very well.
EXCEPT FOR: while biking no ’normal‘ conversation is possible and that’s due to the airstream. I have tested this at a speed of approximately 20km/h and one can hear the sound of the wind. So rather stop while on the phone talking to someone.

Fitting the ears

I have tried the earplugs with and without “fin”. While cycling and in motion it happens that the plugs slip out of the ear. Therefore I will have the cable go above the pinna or use the fin. I admit, it has taken me a while until I understood which fin goes right and left and how to place them into the ear. 😉

Charging the headphones

This is the price to pay for the handy, wireless headphones. There is no charging with the classical, common headphones. One connects the supplied USB cable to a power source and connects the black charger with the headphone control. The red light starts flashing and changes to green once fully charged. Connected to the headphone it provides 4 extra hours of power supply. The headset itself provides 3,5 – 4 hours of power according to the manufacturer. I would rather say 3 – 3,5 hours. The simultaneous use of headphone and charging also works and is possible. When the cable is kept low enough behind the head it is not conflicting and colliding with the helmet. Hence with the spare battery you have power for up to 7 hours. In my case the smartphone would likely need recharging before. The current battery level is kindly announced to you by a friendly voice, once you press the volume control.

Jaybird Freedom F5 Charger

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Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones, Designed for Sport/Running/Fitness (Premium Bluetooth Earphones) - Gold
Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones, Designed for Sport/Running/Fitness (Premium Bluetooth Earphones) - Gold*
von Jaybird
  • Micro-sized: All electronics and battery have been moved away from the earbud to allow for the smaller earbud design in the market; offers a suitable fit and a wider lifestyle compatibility
  • Charging on the go: The charge case includes a battery that offers direct charging of the Bluetooth earphones; you can even charge your wireless headphones while wearing them, without wires
  • Sweat proof: Double hydrophobic nano coating ensures the product is safe guarded against sweat damage even during intensive exercise; the earphones are designed for sport/running/fitness
  • Jaybird MySound app compatibility: Allows you to personalise your EQ settings and store them on your headphones for use with any device; your preferred custom sound profile with you at all times
  • Secure fit: Patented ear fins allow a comfortable secure fit within your ear; your Bluetooth buds stay stable and comfortable in your ear, even while you are exercising
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